Spurdha Choudhary

Spurdha Choudhary is the State Vice President of the Rajasthan Mahila Congress. A social activist and political reformer, Mrs. Spurdha Choudhary is one of the few eminent women politicians in the state widely reckoned for her fearless attitude and honest political practices. She leads from the front and fights for the women empowerment rights and reformation of the society.  A true gem of a leader and an asset to the Indian National Congress party.  

Early Life and Education

Spurdha Choudary was born on the 6th of December, 1991 to Mr. Ummed Singh and Mrs. Susheel Kanwar. She is a Master’s Degree holder in Arts from Rajasthan University. Apart from her busy political career, she is also pursuing Ph.D. A college topper, Mrs. Choudhary is fluent in Hindi, English, and Rajasthani languages. She has been award the Gold Medal of Honor for her achievement in education from the Rajasthan University in 2010.  

Personal Life

Spurdha Choudhary is married to Mr. Rajkumar Choudhary, a real estate baron. Mr. Choudhary is the Managing Director of Uday Residency, one of the biggest and most promising Real Estate Developer Company in Jaipur. Smt. Choudhary married Shri. Rajkumar Choudhary on the 28th day of April 2015. Mrs. Choudhary is an active reader and loves to spend her spare times reading books on different subjects. She has a strong knack of researching about new topics.

Political Life

Spurdha Choudhary is presently the State Vice President of Rajasthan Mahila Congress and presently representing Indian National Congress at the Phulera Vidhan Sabha. Earlier, she also served as a State Secretary to the Rajasthan Mahila Congress. She was also the state vice president of the Rajasthan NSUI.  She even served the responsibility of State Secretary for the Rajasthan Kissan Congress. She was also the state president of Rajasthan Youth INTUC.

What Our Area People Are Saying !

Don’t just take it from us, let our people do the talking!

” Today we are living in peace and safety. Our daughters are safe to move around even during the dark hours. But our community was not like that a few years ago. It was an area that was famous for goons and troubles every now and then. It was difficult for young girls to move freely once the sun sets in. But we are grateful to Mrs Spurdha Choudhury on her initiative to improve our community. It’s only because of her sincere efforts that our community has improved beyond imagination that allows us to enjoy life with peace and security. ” Vikas Beniwal

” I cannot explain the contributions of Mrs Choudhury to our society. Earlier, the area we presently reside at was suffering from serious electricity and water problem. Once we approached Mrs Choudhury about the problems, she assured us of taking necessary steps to eliminate the problem. And to our surprise, the actions were taken on an immediate basis. Within a week, the problem of water unavailability and poor electricity situations got diminished. Since then, we have never faced problems in regards to electricity or inadequacy in the water supply. ” O P Yadav

” Mrs Spurdha Choudhury is not only a true leader but a great human being. It is only because of her efforts that the government has taken initiative to improve our village area and surroundings. She has been actively involved in leading our community to make it avail all the necessary facilities for a healthy and safe survival. We are grateful to Mrs Choudhury for her immense support and active participation in our village reformation process. Now we enjoy life with peace and security. Thanks for everything Spurdha Choudhary Ji. ”

J P Kakraliya